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Japanese Face Tape Strips

Japanese Face Tape Strips

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Japanese Face Tape STRIPS instead of a roll. You will receive 20 strips of tape. Each strip is 5.75". You will get 115" (almost 3 meters ) of tape to enjoy.
And tape purchase comes with an access to library of videos showing different areas 
- Forehead, TMJ, Neck, Crows Feet, Nasolabial area, Lymphatic Drainage, etc.
1 per order due to high demand and low supply during busy holiday season
  • Made in Japan using Japanese advanced Stratagel technology
  • Made with a gentler adhesion formulated for face skin use unlike the regular tapes made for body use that require a stronger and higher index adhesion that increases stress on delicate face skin
  • Use on face to improve fine lines and wrinkles naturally
  • Use as mouth tape to promote healthy nasal breathing and sleep quality
  • Superior skin breathability with unique wave pattern & gel-like adhesive coating
  • Hypoallergenic & Latex-Free
  • 100% Drug-free
  • Use on face or as mouth tape
  • Consist of cotton-blend & poly-acrylic medical grade adhesive

How it works: This tape is designed to mimic the skin's elasticity. When applied correctly, it lifts the skin and creates space, allowing better microcirculation, nerve interactions, fascia support, and overall circulation. Tip: facial taping works best in combination with facial massages (using our high-grade gua-sha set) as it prolongs the effect of manual correction, retrains muscles, and helps minimize age-related changes. For Before/After video/photo results/reviews from or customers check out "Before/After" highlight on Instagram page.

Please Note: DO NOT USE on injured or irritated skin. Stop using if irritation or itching occurs and remove the tape immediately. Patch test before first use.

Directions for use:
1) Clean skin
2) Recommended to pre-shave the area of application, especially the side of the face.
3) Prep the area you are planning to use tape on with a generous amount of moisturizer (a little more than usual)
4) Wait around 10 minutes for moisturizer to absorb
5) Tape is applied UN-STRETCHED to the pre-extended muscle or skin parts area.
6) Rub the tape to activate the adhesive
7) Remove the tape with care slowly in the direction of hair growth.

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