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"To maintain a balanced complexion, [actress Chloe Grace Moretz] emphasizes that consistency in skin care is key... Nowadays, the 25-year-old leans into advice from The Natural Face Bible."

- Kiana Murden, Editorial Staff


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"Olga said many people think she has had Botox but stated she has never had the treatment done, preferring natural methods.

Instead, she uses a beauty technique called taping. Olga said she uses Kinesio Tape which is specifically designed for this method."

- Leanne Hall, Editorial Staff

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"You can now rest easy with an over-night anti-aging product, and it isn't a cream...The tape is designed to mimic the elasticity of skin and works by lifting the skin, creating space for better circulation, and allowing tissues to decompress."

- Roisin Chapman, The Sun