Why Silk

Silk is the finest and most durable natural fabric in the world, a pinnacle in both luxury and benefits.

But why silk?

It is known for moisture retention, demonstrates less friction on the skin, keeps hair smooth and shiny, naturally hypoallergenic, and a breathable and natural temperature regulator. Cotton pillowcases and masks absorb your skin's and hair's oils and dirt, especially when rubbing; this can lead to acne breakouts, clogged pores, damaged hair follicles, breakage, and shedding if slept on the same pillowcase for months at a time. Silk retains the moisture in your skin and hair by reducing friction. Goodbye, sleep-lines and wrinkles! It also naturally regulates heat, which keeps you cool on hot nights and warms you on cold nights. Silk's breathability protects your skin and hair and grants you a better night's sleep.

Why our silk?

Just like jewelry, there are different grades of silk. The Natural Faces only uses 100% OEXO-TEX® certified top 6A grade Mulberry silk, meaning it is less susceptible to silk clumping or uncomfortable cold areas, will evenly distribute temperature and will last you longer. Unlike grades B and C, grade A silk is softer and lighter, leaving your skin happier and sleep deeper. We recommend investing in the best silk to see quick and lasting results.


For all of our Silk products, we recommend:

- washing Silks in tepid water (no warmer than skin) with mild soap or mild detergent

- iron while silk is still damp with cool iron on the inside, and finish drying flat