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Moon White Jade Gua Sha

Moon White Jade Gua Sha

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Moon white jade stone resembles a moon with its patterns and translucent effect ranging in color from milky white to almost clear. Each stone is individual and unique, you'll want to collect all!

Original design by The Natural Faces, handcrafted from MOON White Jade Stone.

What Does It Do? 

- White Jade is a mineral-rich healing stone believed to make you feel peaceful, rid yourself of negative energies, and soothe the nervous system

- Designed with intentional curves and edges, smooth finish, and just the right size and thickness. Ideal to use on face, neck, and body

- Gua sha originates from TCM and helps alleviate many issues, including facial puffiness, muscle tension, skin issues, neck tension, jaw tension, lines and wrinkles, poor circulation, and more

- Done consistently, Gua Sha healing ritual helps lift and define, relieve tension, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, improve fluids circulation, energizes skin, promote cell regeneration for a glowy complexion

- Recommended for all skin types

- Comes in a protective pouch and box

How To Use: 

1) Apply Sandalwood, Seabuckthorn, or Rose Glow oil to face for glide

2) Very light pressure. Slow strokes going out & downwards for lymphatic drainage purpose.

3) Medium pressure for addressing muscle tension & lifting                                             

For Care: Wash with hot water and soap, pat dry. Recommended to line sink with a towel to avoid stone slippage and damage.


Please Note: Our Gua Sha is handcrafted from natural white jade stone. All natural stones may chip, crack or break when hit, dropped or mishandled. Please use with care! 

Our Moon White Jade Gua Sha tool is handcrafted from a natural stone and may show slight flaws or inconsistencies in color and such. Those are not defects or damages but rather variations of the stone (and you know it's the natural, authentic stone when you see variations).

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