Japanese Imperial Rose Skin Toner

Japanese Imperial Rose Skin Toner

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Get ready to elevate your skin to next level with this Chidoriya Japanese organic skin toner! Hamanasu essence in its purest from. This ultra-pure rose water toner is distilled from the leaves of the beautiful Hamanasu rose, a hardy rose variety native to the beaches of Japan with beautiful pink blooms are found thriving thanks to its ability to tolerate saltwater spray.  The flowers of Hamanasu, which are the main ingredient in this toner,  are very rich in Vitamin C and help restore the skin! For more detailed instructions and tutorials, check out our Instagram page.

Made in Japan

What Does It Do? 

- high content of vitamin C helps collagen production & minimize hyperpigmentation

- smooths and softens skin 

- provides skin hydration with a gentle aroma

- helps prevent wrinkles 

Who Is It For? All skin types. To hydrate, moisten and prepare skin for serums, oils, and moisturizers.

How To Use: (After opening, avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures). Spray onto clean face and gently press in.  Apply before use of oils, serums or moisturizers and anytime you need to freshen up, relax and rehydrate your skin.

Size: 120ML


Ingredients: Hamanasu (Rosa Rugosa) herbal distilled water, Yuzu seed extract. All are wild-crafted or organic.

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