Tape Application Tutorials

Welcome to our Face Tape Application page!

Thank you for loving your skin and purchasing the best quality tape designed for delicate face skin!

Discover the art of applying face tape to naturally combat the signs of aging. In our library of taping videos, you will find various applications to properly apply the face tape for optimal results. Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines without the injections and achieve a more youthful complexion. Join us on this journey of rejuvenation and unlock the secrets of effective face tape application.

Please read details about proper face tape application under the tape product description on the shop page.

Before & After Taping Results - this showcases a couple of videos our customers shared with us. For more before/after videos & photos, please see Olga's Instagram page @naturalfacebible

Forehead Application - How To Cut The Tape (watch the forehead application video for more details - cut the tape with sharp scissors and it's best to round the corners of the tape)

Horizontal Forehead Lines / Wrinkles Application (watch the forehead application video first on how to cut & measure the tape)

Frown Lines Application

11 / Frown Wrinkles Application - Part 1

How to apply -

  1. After your skincare (avoid oil cleansing), wait 15-20 mins & then apply the tape.
  2. Application can be done during the day (it's great if you are unconsciously frowning in concentration while working) or overnight.

11 / Frown Wrinkles Application - Part 2 (try all the different ways to see which application is best for you & do not the stretch the tape)

TMJ / Jaw Tension Application (a must if you experience TMJ pains, discomfort, jaw tension, stress or to promote better tissue functioning - this can be applied overnight)

Back Of The Neck Taping Application

For a tired / tense neck or just to promote better functioning and blood circulation!

How to apply -

  1. Measure and cut the tape. Then cut the piece in half but not all the way through (make sure to round the corners).
  2. Apply the tape un-stretched over your head kneeled down to fully extend to the back of neck (you may need assistance for this position). Chin down to your chest as much as possible and apply the tape in that position. When you lift your head back up, you should see waves in the tape which is what we want to achieve.
  3. Tape legs should follow along your vertebrae and all the way up to your hair.
  4. Avoid getting your hair stuck under tape.
  5. This application can be worn for up to 3 days if needed. You may also take showers with it still applied.

Nasolabial Folds Application - Advanced Technique (can be applied overnight if you're sleeping on your back - do not stretch the tape & apply on both sides)

Crows Feet Application

How to apply -

  1. (Important!!) Open up the area of application with your fingers to ensure the tape is applied on as smooth as possible onto the surface.
  2. Cut the tape LENGTH-WISE.
  3. Open up the backing paper in the middle and fold to keep it on the ends for easier application.
  4. Brush to activate the adhesive.

Smile Lines Application

How to apply - 

  1. After your skincare (avoid oil cleansing), wait 15-20 mins & then apply the tape.
  2. Tape should be applied over puffed up cheeks right over the wrinkle. Arrange the tape to have the wrinkle fall in the middle of the tape strip.
  3. Use during the day or overnight (if you sleep on your back).

Smile lines can be very stubborn but with regular taping practice, we can get results & slow down the premature deepening of the lines.

Nasolabial Folds Application (smile lines application technique can also be used for nasolabial fold concerns)

Smoker Wrinkles Application (apply the tape with your mouth open)

Smoker Wrinkles Application - How To Cut & Measure The Tape (according to your size - do not stretch the tape & apply with your mouth open)

Marionette Lines Application

How to apply -

  1. Apply the tape with your mouth open.
  2. Apply DOWN & brush UP to activate the adhesive.
  3. For best results, apply the tape after my massage technique (can be found on my Instagram)
  4. Use during the day or overnight (if you sleep on your back).

Chest Tape Application (see part 2 for more details)

Chest Tape Application - Part 2

Lymphatic Drainage Application

Neck Lines Application